Book Fest

Calling All Authors!

We are currently looking for more Authors, Book Sellers, Publishers, Illustrators, Book Editors, Poets, and others related to the world of writing and books, to set up at this years event! Contact us if your interested in attending or have any questions. More info to come! DECOPOLIS BookFest support fees. These fees help us cover expenses, including any advertising we do, associated with putting on the event. We will have two types of space offerings available. 1. “Booth” equals either a 10’ X 10’ square for a tent or a 10 X 10 spot for multiple tables and or display racks and signage. 2. Table, we will also have an area where authors can line up tables in a row. (bring your own tables and chairs) $15 per exhibiting author/illustrator. Publishers, bookselling groups, clubs and or companies $40. If your an individual author and you have 1 book or 10, your support fee is $15. Multiple author books/ anthologies. If you have a table or booth for instance that has a book in which you are but one author, you do not have to pay for every other author in the book. You are the exhibiting author and count as 1 so pay the $15 fee. However, if your table, booth or tent will have 3 or more of those anthologies featuring multiple authors, or there are at least 3 books that each feature a different author, you will fall into the second $40 category. Even if you are the only author at the tent/table. A table or booth featuring 3 or more authors and or illustrators will fall into the $40 category. Please, no more than 4 authors and or illustrators in a tent or at a table. (does not include friends, family, support people, etc.) What we are trying to achieve, is to keep things very inexpensive for the individual author, and we encourage authors to share a tent or table. But we also don’t want to end up with a festival consisting of only a few tents, with 10 authors piled into one and only paying $15 for the spot while a lone author sits in another having paid the same amount. And we want lots of authors, tents, tables, etc, out to put on a good show!