Ye Ol Tea & Tales Book Club

Meetings TBA

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Rules o the Gaitherin.

Hereforthowith the host of "Ye ol Tea 'n Tales Book Club" shall be the "Owl" Whilst it's honorable members shall be "mice".

Each gaitherin shall last two hours, with the first thirty minutes bein a halloo and chatter. Whilst this is going on, tea shall be served.

Ere the official start o discussion the traditional toast shall be recited by the Owl.

"May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends gathered below never fall out." Mice sayeth "Here here!"

Then the Owl shall reqesteth recital of a second toast chosen by any said mouse who volunteered to deliver it a the prior months gatherin.

Then the exploration of that months hallowed tome mayeth begin.

-William Franklin
(aka the "Owl")

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