Painting Class Info

Kids Classes

Kids' (Ages 5 to 105) Painting Parties:

1. Our kids' classes (approximately one to one and a half hours depending on class size) have various subjects, and even adults enjoy painting many of them. We often have a wide range of ages painting in our kids' classes; no one is "too old" to paint in these classes.
2. All minors must have a responsible adult with them.
3. Adults who accompany kids only pay if they are painting their own canvases, but all children who come to a class must be individually registered to paint.
4. Anyone who paints in a "kids" class is $25 plus tax, no matter the age, but adults don't have to be painting. (Please do not bring kids who will not be painting into the classroom area. We are happy to supply crayons and coloring pages to other children who can then use them in other areas of DECOPOLIS)

Private Parties

Private Parties:

1 Parties are approximately two hours; roughly one to one and a half hours of painting and then the remaining time for fun and snacks or cake.
2 You can choose the painting from our gallery of kids or adult paintings, or for an extra $75 we will create a painting to reflect a theme of the event or interest of the partygoers. We'll email you the image so you can use it for e-invites or cake decoration.
3 The party becomes "live" on our calendar as soon as you book us for availability.
4 DECOPOLIS provides all painting materials; you provide cake and other food. DECOPOLIS does have a selection of drinks available for purchase but you are free to bring your own, including alcoholic beverages.
Cost is $25/artist for kids parties and $35/artist for adult parties (8 artist minimum). The minimum, 8 person price and the additional $75 for a custom painting, plus tax, is due when you book the party. The balance of any additional artists, up to 12 artists per class, is paid at the party itself.

Call us to schedule your very own private party!


You may also request a custom design to reflect the theme of your party; a fun interest or hobby. Love fashion? How about painting a colorful high heeled shoe? Love Alice in Wonderland? How about painting a Cheshire Cat? Let us know what your like and we can create a painting party just for you!



Monthly Classees

Are there any age Restrictions?

1. Painting for two hours or longer can challenge young attention spans, regardless of interest level, so please, no one under 16 in an adult class.
2. Remember, there may be wine at adult classes, and the atmosphere can resemble an adult party.
3. All minors must have a responsible adult present at all times, but unlike our kids' painting parties, everyone who comes to an adult class must be registered to paint. So, if you want to register a teen to paint in an adult class, you also must be registered to paint.
4. We only have so many spaces for each painting party so anyone who paints in an "adult" class is $40 plus tax, regardless of age.

Our monthly classes cost $40 per seat.